Can I use DriveBetter in multiple cars?

Yes. The device only monitors one vehicle at a time but can be simply moved between vehicles. DriveBetter will automatically register the addition car with the system.
If you want to monitor, multiple cars at once just pick up another device.

Does DriveBetter work for non-teenagers?

Yes! There is nothing teen-specific about the app or device. Do you want to be a safer driver? Then DriveBetter can work for you.

We have users ages 15 to 71.

Do you plan on sharing the driving data?

No, we will not share your specific data with 3rd parties (where you drive and when). Unless you specifically authorize us to share data.

Our privacy policy details what data we collect.

The anonymized, aggregated data will be used to find trends and improve traffic safety. This data could include dangerous intersections or roadways with speed limits significantly different than actual speed.

Email recovery link does not work on iPhone, how do I fix?

Our app uses Universal links to be opened directly in the application. Sometimes, the phone will open the links directly in the browser instead of the DriveBetter application. When this happens you get an error message: “Method GET not allowed”.

To fix this, simply scroll to the top in the browser and it will reveal a bar that allows you to open the link directly in DriveBetter.

OBD, What?

The DriverBetter device plugs into the On Board Diagnostic port (OBD) on your car. The OBD port is typically located under your dash near the driver. This site can help you find your ODB port.

What do the driving alerts mean?

We mantain a detailed list of driving alerts here.