Want more information on what the driving alerts are in your DriveBetter scoreboard? You are in the right place. Check out the details below:



Driving over the posted the speed limit. Your driving score is impacted by the magnitude and the duration of the speeding infraction. Remember those big signs beside the road with numbers on them and the word “Speed Limit”. It is not a Speed Suggestion.



Rapid Acceleration

You press on the gas pedal too hard! It is not an off/on switch. Focus on providing a smooth ride. It is better for your passengers and your vehicle.


Hard Braking

If you need to hit the brakes this hard – something is wrong. You are following too close or not paying attention. I know, I know, the cat ran out in front of you again – this does happen, rarely make sure this alert pops up rarely too.

This alert is leading indicator of future crashes. So unless you love smashing your car, hurting yourself and someone else, high insurance bills and taking the bus everywhere. Pay attention!


Harsh Course

Quickly turning. Slow down before making sudden turns. Save drifting for the carts.


Rough Terrain

You ran over something big – like a pothole, curb, or body. We get it — this happens sometimes. But, this alerts indicates you did not bother to slow down. Next time you are going to curb it – do it slowly. It is better for your car and you are less likely to take any innocents out.


High RPM

This alert indicates high engine revs while parked. Stop doing burnouts fast and furious – your vehicle will thank you, and so will the environment. Of course, your mechanic might be bummed because they like the business.


Rapid Angle Change

You went thru that curve on two wheels. Given that DriveBetter does not work on motorcycles yet this is worrisome. Another indicator of this driving behavior is often observed by the white-knuckles of your passenger gripping the “oh-poop” handle.


Speed Change

See rapid acceleration, but for higher speed merges. Turns out the YIELD sign – does not mean “floor it Thelma”. As in many aspects of life, focus on providing a smooth ride. It is better for your passengers and your vehicle.